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If you are ready to have a power of attorney, last will and testament, affidavit of small succession or real estate transfer prepared, schedule a telephone consultation to discuss your needs.

What We Do

Our primary business is helping you with the notarial transactions that regularly affect your life.


Bring your current state ID or driver's license, US passport or military ID so that you can prove your identity.  For faster service, fill out your document before heading to our office, but wait to sign and date it in the presence of the notary. 

We Help You Plan For The Future

Powers of Attorney

Provisional Custody by Mandate

Provisional Custody by Mandate


Powers of attorney allow you to designate someone to manage your personal, financial and medical affairs if you become disabled or mentally incapacitated. 

Provisional Custody by Mandate

Provisional Custody by Mandate

Provisional Custody by Mandate


A Provisional Custody by Mandate grants someone else temporary authority to care for your minor children.  By law this document cannot be good for any longer than one year.

Last Wills and Testaments

Provisional Custody by Mandate

Last Wills and Testaments


A notarial will is a formal document, prepared by a legal professional, that states how you want your money and property to be distributed after you die. You get to say who gets what. 

We Help You After a Loved One Dies


Small Estates

The term "small estate" usually refers to the value of the assets a deceased person left behind.  There are many documents that can be used to help a surviving spouse and heirs move forward after a person dies. The good news is that we can assist you with them.

Affidavit of Small Succession

This succession process can be used if the deceased person left property in Louisiana valued at $125,000 or less.

Surviving Spouse Affidavit

This affidavit can be used by the surviving spouse to gain access to money so that bills, medical expenses, funeral costs and other obligations can be quickly paid.

Small Deposit Affidavit

This affidavit can be used by the surviving spouse or an adult child if the deceased person left less than $20,000 in the bank.

Affidavit Requesting Payment of Last Wages and Other Benefits

This affidavit can be used to allow an employer to release a deceased employee's last wages and other benefits to the surviving spouse or adult child of the deceased employee.

We Help You Transfer Ownership of Property

Cash Sales

Quitclaim Deeds

Cash Sales


In a cash sale, the seller transfers ownership of property to the buyer for payment of a price, which the seller acknowledges. 


Quitclaim Deeds

Cash Sales


In a donation, the donor transfers ownership of property to the donee as a gift.  No money is involved in a donation. 

Quitclaim Deeds

Quitclaim Deeds

Quitclaim Deeds


A quitclaim deed transfers any interest a person may have in property.  There is no guarantee that the person even owns the property. 

We Provide Other Serices

Auto Title Transfers

Auto Title Transfers

Auto Title Transfers


We can prepare and notarize the paperwork regarding your auto title transfer.  However, we are not an auto title company; so the new owner would complete the process by visiting the Office of Motor Vehicles to register the vehicle in his or her name and pay the tax, title, and license fees as applicable.  Notary fees range from $40 to $90.  This does not include fees for any additional affidavits that may be required.  We will confirm total fees before any work is done. This service is especially helpful if the new owner is going to register the vehicle in another part of Louisiana or in another state. 

Mobile Services

Auto Title Transfers

Auto Title Transfers


If the person whose signature has to be notarized is unable to come into the office, we can travel to homes, offices, hospitals and nursing homes.  Mobile service fees start at $40 (anywhere in New Orleans East) and vary depending on the distance traveled away from our office.  Mobile fees are in addition to the notary fee.

About Us


Paula Vincent Johnson, Civil Law Notary

Paula Vincent Johnson is your Notary In The East.  Paula has worked in the legal field for over 30 years, first as a legal secretary and litigation paralegal, and then as a notary public.  Since August, 2004, Paula has provided notarial services to our communities by assisting individuals and businesses with a variety of transactions, from simply verifying signatures on various documents and forms to preparing much more complex documents such as powers of attorney, wills, affidavits of small succession and straightforward real estate transfers.  Paula is an active member of the Louisiana Notary Association.  She instructs courses at its annual convention, and speaks at association Shop Talk meetings. 


Visit our office just off of Read Blvd.

In August, 2004, Paula began her notarial practice in The Plaza Mall on Read Boulevard in New Orleans East.  In 2005, just a couple of weeks after celebrating her first year in business, disaster struck and disrupted our lives.  In the summer of 2006, by the grace of God, Paula was able to re-establish her business in its current location at 9954 Lake Forest Boulevard.  At first, Notary In The East was the only full-time business open in her area.  Most of the time, there was no one else around.  But slowly, word began to spread.  And now, for more than a decade, Paula has been blessed with many opportunities to serve you – New Orleans East, Gentilly, The Ninth Ward, St. Bernard, Lakeview, Mid-City, Downtown, Uptown and beyond. 

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